100 x Samahan Ayurvedic herbal tea sachets (Copy)


What is the Samahan Tea
The common cold is probably the world’s most widespread malady and responsible for the loss of millions of working days. Cold related health problems are aggravated by changing weather patterns and certain allergens. Sneezing, runny noses, itching eyes and sore throats are the first signs of a common cold. Link Natural, after many years of research developed Link Samahan, a 100% authentic herbal formulation that is available as instantly soluble granules that comprises extracts of 14 medicinal plants used in Peyava formulations. Link Samahan is presently the leading herbal product for colds and related symptoms in Sri Lanka and is fast becoming popular internationally. This success was recognized when Link Samahan achieved  Super brand status.

100 samahan ayurvedic herbal tea sachet


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