Ceylon Mlesna Flavored Tea Rose 25 tea bags


Mlesna Tea

Mlesna was born in 1983. With less than 10 people the Mlesna team set about their work to create the best quality teas in the most selectively designed packages. With humble beginnings Mlesna set about to package teas in new and creative ways in order to attract the connoisseurs of tea into the world of exclusive teas, and in doing so created a special market for value added teas.

Today with 20 years of experience, more than 3000 different products and a permanent staff of more than 350 people, Mlesna strive to give their customers, the connoisseurs, the same they did 20 years ago; superior quality teas in exquisite packaging. In doing so Mlesna has spread its wings the world over and service a clientèle of 50 countries.

With skilled tea tasters with more than 25 years of experience, blenders of varied tea knowledge, packaging experts, quality gurus and a drive that few people dare to show the Mlesna team, continue to strive for excellence. Be it black or green, drunk plain or with milk, Mlesna give the world quality teas that no one can match and which the connoisseur always wishes to drink. In doing so Mlesna keeps to their word in providing the world with tea that is Naturally the Best.

Note :1 Box 25 tea bags 

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