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Nelli Rasakinda Natural Herbal Drink Ayurvedic Link Swastha Amurtha Tea box

Nelli Rasakinda Natural Herbal Drink Ayurvedic Link Swastha Amurtha Tea box


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Nelli and Rasakinda are two powerful medicinal herbs that have been used in Ayurveda as well as indigenous medicine for centuries. Swastha Amurtha is a combination these two herbs, specially prepared for frequent and convenient use.


In traditional Ayurveda as well as modern scientific research publications, medicinal qualities of these two plants are numerous, almost hard to believe. For centuries, Nelli and Rasakinda combination has been used effectively in Ayurveda for cleansing the blood by removing the harmful products generated in the human body. According to modern research. Nelli-Rasakinda combination removes toxic free radicals generated by metobolism in cells and tissues, thereby cleansing the blood.


Effective remedy for:

– Burning sensation in the heels

– Aliments in the urinary system

– Pain in knees and ankles

– Burning sensation in the eyes and the body

– Excessive sweating and body order

– Swastha Amurtha can also relieve common skin conditions such as heat rash, rough skin, dry skin and crack soles etc. resulting in a healthy skin


Swastha Amurtha, through its beneficial action on the internal metabolism, acts beyond the aforementioned common health issues, enabling good health and longevity.



Nelli and Rasakinda


Direction to Use

Link Swastha Amurtha can be used with hot or cold water as per your preference.

Herbal Drink

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