Pure Mlesna Polpala Ceylon Herbal Tea

Pure Mlesna Polpala Ceylon Herbal Tea 100g Health Drink – Aerva lanata

Pure Mlesna Polpala Ceylon Herbal Tea 100g Health Drink – Aerva lanata


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Pure Ceylon Herbal Tea Health Drink
Paul fell very gently and completely safe effect on the body.
The healing properties of this plant are recognized not only folk and traditional medicine.
Paul fell applied in the treatment of diseases of the liver, kidney, bladder, stomach.
Ceylon healers recommend to use drugs, burns half the people living in cities with high (or high) level of radiation and poor environment, because it is a plant neutralizes free radicals and heavy metals, toxins from the body.

Grass half fell universally used in medicine due to a sufficiently large range of useful features, including:
– The restoration of the salt balance;
– Removal of the inflammatory process by increasing urination;
– Strengthening the immune system;
– Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract;
– Normalization of pressure;
– Regulation of metabolism;
– Cleansing of toxins and waste;
– Elimination of inflammation localized in the respiratory tract, airway clearance of mucus;
– Crushing and removal of kidney stones;
– Prevention of vascular blood clots;
– Liquefaction of the blood;
– Regeneration of the skin (restores a healthy complexion, while the skin is cleaned of various lesions);
– Improving memory;
– Is used in treatment of diseases associated with the violation of the spine, joints
– Arthritis, osteochondrosis;
– To strengthen the heart muscle;
– A decrease in blood sugar levels;
– Improving the general well-being.

Pure Mlesna Polpala Ceylon Herbal Tea

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