Ayurvedic herbal plant Tea-Niramulliya

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Neeramulliya Tea

Neeramulliya Tea : Neeramulliya plant also called as ikiriya plant. Neeramulliya plant benefits in many ways. Neeramulliya scientific name is Hygrophila schulli. Neeramulliya recipes use for day today life. Neeramulliya/ Ikiriya protects the liver and acts as a diuretic. it gives you benefits for cleansing of the urinary system.

Ikiriya Tea Benefits

Niramulliya Powder has great tonic, blood purifier, detoxifier, dieuritic, as well as liver stimulant.

Treats Body heat, Wounds, Constipation.

Niramulliya powder treats Weakness of nervous system, Headache.

It is used for Nourishing cells in the body, Urinary, kidney stones.

This powder deals with Menstrual Problems in women.images

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